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Workplace Skills Plan
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Workplace Skills Plan

Workplace Skills Plan

Skills Development

Skills Audit:

Skills Development is a priority element on the BBBEE scorecard. Conducting a skills audit is the first step in our skills development solution to determine the true training needs of your organisation. We ensure that what you spend on your skills development, adds value to your organisation and employees.

Mandatory / Discretionary Grants: The Workplace Skills Plan is the key to unlocking your Skills Development potential. The key is to ensure that the WSP is a true reflection of the training interventions of your organisation. If the reporting is not done correctly, your organisation will forfeit the change of earning money back from the relevant SETA. Our Skills Development Experts offer the following services:

  • - WSP submission and mandatory grant management

  • - Discretional grants application

  • - Establishing and Training the training committee
  • - Project management of training interventions

Skills Development Initiatives:

This will be decided once the skills needed in an organisation have been determined. Progression follows a beginning-to-end process in project managing the implementation of various skills development initiatives. These may include both accredited and non-accredited programmes across the various Categories of the Learning Programme Matrix (LPM), Learnerships, Bursaries, Internships, Apprenticeships, Skills Programmes, Short Courses

Once you have an SDF, you have peace of mind. The SDF is the cornerstone of the entire Skills Development Element. Our internal SDF will provide the following services to ensure a risk-free approach to Skills Development as a whole:

  • - WSP and ATR support/submission

  • - Discretionary grant applications
  • - Training advice
  • - Learnership implementation

  • - SETA liaison

  • - Training intervention project management

  • - Learner tracking

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