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Employment Equity

Employment Equity


Employment Equity Commission:

The Department of Labour is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Affirmative Action. The Commission of Employment Equity (CEE) was established in terms of section 30 of the Employment Equity Act (1998). They have put more stringent measures in place for non-compliant employers as they have to speed up the pace of transformation.

Employment Equity Reporting:

Information collection from company: Online reporting registration; Reporting of EEA2; Reporting of the EEA4: Sign off and submission; Final report and acknowledgement letter of submission delivery: Company representation at annual DOL meetings: Advising on Employment equity compliance.

Affirmative Action:

Affirmative action ensures that qualified people from designated groups have equal opportunities in the workplace. Designated groups are people of colour (Africans, Coloureds and Indians), women and people with disabilities. Your goal as employer is to ensure that these groups are fairly represented in your organisation.

Employment Equity Plan Writing:

Information collection regarding workforce etc.; Conducting an Employment Equity Audit; Conducting a qualitative workforce analysis, Assisting in assigning and setting up a forum (if required); Attend Quarterly forum meetings; Assisting with the appointing of an Employment Equity Manager; Discussion on barriers and affirmative action measures necessary: Compilation of the Employment Equity file/s

Designated employer:

Affirmative action provisions apply to employers who employ 50 or more staff members or whose annual turnover is more than that set down in Schedule of the Act (the figures vary according to the type of industry). Our EE team can assist with the following

EE legislative training: EE analysis - to determine if you comply with the EE checklist: EE committee support and guidance; Consultation support; Annual EE reporting for employers that employ 50+ employee or whose annual turnover is above the threshold

Consultative Services:

Development or Revising of policies and procedures according to barriers and affirmative action measures on the EEA13; Policy and procedure development or revising Employee Consultation and presentation, Presentation of max 15 employees per presentation; Attending all scheduled Training Committee meetings and forum meetings, throughout the year and supplying input where necessary for employers that employ 50+ employee or whose annual turnover is above the threshold).

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